179D for Commercial Building Owners

Commercial Building Owners


There have been a variety of incentives enacted over the past several years, encouraging businesses like yours to adopt energy-efficiency in their operational plans. One such initiative is IRS section 179D (EPAct) of the Federal Tax Code. This program offers significant tax savings, intended to offset a portion of the cost associated with energy-efficient components used in the construction of new and remodeled commercial buildings.

Through section 179D, expense of construction or remodeling commercial property is offset by immediate tax savings for implementation of energy-efficient components. These savings significantly improves a business’ cash flow. Yet this program is woefully underutilized because most taxpayers don’t know it exists, nor do they understand the substantial upside potential.

To qualify to use IRS section 179D, existing buildings or new construction must reduce energy consumption by 50% as compared to 2001 energy standards. Typically, this benchmark is easily attained, as technology has provided greatly improved energy-efficient products over the past 13 years.

Savings opportunities include interior lighting, HVAC, and building envelope improvements such as windows and roofing.

Why National Cost?


In order to benefit from IRS section 179D tax savings, a property owner must certify its property as energy-efficiency.

National Cost is a national leader in completing the work on time and at a fair price. A detailed report is modeled and analyzed in both electronic and bound hard-copy, validating your building’s energy-efficiency and fully supporting your IRS section 179D savings.

Our up-to-date knowledge and expertise ensure each of our clients obtain maximum benefit for each property. Our experience gathering all necessary information and completing all relevant IRS forms, guarantees the job is done right the first time and is completely reliable. This is the eye for detail that our clients expect and receive.

Contact Us now for obtaining maximum benefits for your property.

What is the process?

  • Contact your National Cost representative to discuss the specifics of your building.
  • Within 24 hours, NCI will provide a proposal for your section 179D expense survey. You will see your estimated tax savings quantified in “dollars and cents”.
  • Depending on your schedule, the on-site survey is typically completed within 5 to 10 days.
  • The final report is available 4 weeks after the site visit.



Envelope – $.60/square foot

Lighting – $.60/square foot

HVAC – $.60/square foot


TOTAL$1.80/square foot


“I would never have known about the tax deduction if not for National Cost.  I spent very little time and saved over $60,000.”Vaibhav Patel – Ramatika Corporation