Cost Segregation For Tax Professionals

Steps To Perform a Study



  • Your firm contacts National Cost, requesting a Cost Segregation Study proposal.
  • You provide National Cost with all data requirements necessary for an accurate proposal.
  • In short order, National Cost will provide a detailed response, including the total cost for the study, estimated return on investment, and benefit analysis of your energy efficient buildings. We can also inform you of all possible tax credits, including tankless water heater tax credit and solar rebates.
  • Upon acceptance, your firm will provide National Cost with a copy of the signed proposal. Going forward, you and your client will receive regular status updates.

Nearing the end of this study, National Cost will provide a final draft for your review. We will contact you shortly thereafter to review all findings, obtain your input, and verify that all assets have been considered and that nothing is missed before final publication.

  • Upon completion of this process, National Cost will provide both electronic and bound hard-copy reports to you and your client.

Data Requirements For New Construction

  • Tax depreciation schedules (look-back only)
  • Site survey (look-back only)
  • Capitalized costs
  • Project budget summarizing all associated costs
  • A complete set of built construction drawings (required after the proposal is approved)

Data Requirements For Acquisition

  • Closing statement
  • Appraisal conducted at the time of purchase
  • Property rent roll at the time of acquisition
  • Historical information including tax depreciation schedules, fixed assets schedules, and inventories for furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Allocated land value
  • Site survey